Fresh Start Vehicle Sanitizing Service in Del Rio, TX

It's like a flu shot for your car!

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Explore Our New Fresh Start Vehicle Sanitizing Service

Keeping your truck clean is essential to maintaining a healthier environment for you and your passengers when you get behind the wheel. That's why we now offer our new deep-sanitizing Fresh Start service package! This service offers your vehicle a deep clean and anti-microbial treatment that can help to not only clean your vehicle but also help it stay cleaner as time goes on. So, if you're eager to turn your vehicle cleanliness game up a notch, we encourage you to explore this exciting new service at our Ram service center in Del Rio.

What is Our Fresh Start Service Package?

The Fresh Start package is about giving your vehicle a deep clean and then treating it to help it stay clean as you adventure around the Laughlin Air Force Base area. How does it work? Here's a quick overview of how the process works and what it does:

  1. In-Depth Clean: Our experts will get in deep with an anti-microbial cleaning process.
  2. Reduce Germs: The anti-microbial deep-cleaning process services to reduce germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew so that you can enjoy a healthier environment within your vehicle.
  3. Long-Lasting: A single treatment can last a long time. The Microbe Free Products cleaners we use are guaranteed to stay active on a treated surface for five years, enabling you to enjoy greater peace of mind for years to come after only a single application.
  4. Resist Stains: Another perk of this treatment is that it helps to prevent stains from setting into surfaces, making it easier to keep your vehicle clean.

What Does This Sanitizing Process Protect Against?

Our Fresh Start deep-clean anti-microbial sanitizing uses the Microbe Free Solutions technology that has been used by top organizations ranging from Delta Airlines to the US Army. It can identify and treat most common indoor contaminants, including mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, COVID-19, MRSA, allergens, spores, and more.

So, if you're eager to treat your truck to a deep clean that provides long-lasting benefits, we invite you to reach out to us here at our Ram service center serving Brackettville and Uvalde to find out more! We look forward to helping you enjoy a healthier driving experience, and we're eager to hear from you. We hope to see you soon!

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