How can you tell if your diesel engine needs maintenance? The best way to know if your diesel engine needs attention is to bring your truck to our service center for regular diesel truck maintenance in Del Rio! Our team specializes in trucks, and we're eager to help you keep yours going strong.

Of course, not all service needs are kind enough to stick to a schedule. So, how do you know when your diesel truck is trying to tell you something? What are some of the specific warning signs that your diesel engine needs service? Here's a quick overview of some of the common engine issues you might encounter as a diesel truck driver in the Laughlin AFB area:

  • Black exhaust: This might be a result of a need for air filter service. It could also be a problem with your injector pump or turbocharger.
  • Foul odors due to oil oxidation: Oil oxidizes when air gets into your oil, which can happen quicker if your truck spends too long being stationary. Oil oxidation causes a variety of problems, including oil degradation and foul smells.
  • Trouble starting the engine: If you notice that it's hard to start your engine or that it makes excessive noise, it might be due to an oil viscosity issue, which can be caused by using the wrong type of oil. Our team can help you determine if this is the case and assist you in choosing the proper oil type.

If you have any questions about diesel engine service, please don't hesitate to give our team a call. Our experts will happily help with your diesel truck service needs at our service center near Brackettville.

Need a diesel truck of your own? Feel free to connect with us about why you should buy a diesel truck near Uvalde!

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