Regular Cab

The regular cab option offers you a single row of seating with enough room for three passengers. While it might be a smaller cab, you'll still enjoy enough leg room and spacious seating for all-day driving. Many drivers choose this option when looking for an affordable work truck, that can be combined with numerous bed-length options for versatile performance.

Quad and Crew Cab

These two middle options both offer seating for up to six, with four doors. The main difference is that the Quad Cab offers what are commonly referred to as "suicide doors", or doors that open in opposite directions. You'll also have to open the front doors to open the rear ones. If you opt for the Crew Cab, each door opens the same direction, much like a car, and all door handles are on the outsides of the doors. The Crew cab also offers a few more inches of leg room in the rear over the Quad Cab.

Mega Cab

This is the largest cab option available, currently unavailable on the Ram 1500, but we hope to see it in the future as an option. The Mega Cab is about what you would expect. It offers 43.3 inches of leg room in the rear row for comfortable seating no matter how many adults you load up. The rear seatbacks also recline so everyone can find a comfortable position inside.

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