The Ram 1500 Diesel: Why Choose a Diesel Truck?

The pickup truck remains the vehicular embodiment of American ideology - robust, steadfast, and powerful enough to compete any task required with ease, pickup trucks not only provide enough passenger space for a comfortable ride on weekend adventures, but the body-on-frame construction and innovative mechanical engineering results in heavy-duty performance capabilities that excel both off-road and in commercial applications. Most half-ton pickup trucks come equipped with gas engines - however, diesel engines, with their unique construction and high-torque output, are ideal for drivers seeking the increased towing capabilities and various other benefits provided by diesel-powered trucks. While gas engines provide their own set of benefits, diesel trucks remain a sought-after configuration for truck enthusiasts and commercial applications alike.

Diesel vs. Gas - What's the Difference?

The benefits of both gas and diesel engines are revealed when analyzing their construction. Most drivers are familiar with the basic mechanics of a gas engine: gas sprays into a cylinder, a spark plug ignites the gas, explosion pushes the piston down and the car moves forward. Gas engines, as opposed to diesel engines, typically have a shorter stroke length (how far the piston travels in the cylinder), which requires gas engines to operate at higher RPMs to achieve optimal power output. The shorter stroke length in conjunction with the higher RPM operation typically results in higher horsepower output than diesel engines, which is ideal for passing power while on the highway, or keeping heavy loads moving once rolling.

Conversely, diesel engines do not use spark plugs at all to operate, but rather rely on mechanical compression to ignite the fuel inside the cylinders. Additionally, diesel engines' pistons have a longer stroke length than gas engines, which not only means they operate at lower RPMs, but deliver increased torque for additional towing capacity. With the lower RPM operation, diesel engines also typically feature a significantly longer interval between oil changes, as less strain is exerted on the engine during daily operation. Diesel, as opposed to gas, shines while towing due to the increased torque output. Torque helps to get heavy loads moving - ideal when hauling large payloads for either commercial applications, off-roading, towing or hauling large payloads. A final benefit of diesel engines is their increased efficiency - generally, diesel engines feature superior fuel efficiency than gas engines, however this is typically offset by the occasionally higher price for diesel fuel.

Ram Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Mineral Wells - Stocking The Ram 1500

When selecting the ideal diesel truck, visiting a reputable dealership with informative sales staff is paramount to your satisfaction with your next vehicle. While competing domestic models fought amongst themselves, Ram silently perfected their craft in producing reliable, robust and powerful pickup trucks. The Ram 1500, available with a diesel powertrain, delivers the unbridled capability drivers from Mineral Wells to Fort Stockton, Del Rio and beyond deserve. With Ram trucks from the past three model years available, including the 2017 Ram 1500, Ram Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Mineral Wells strives to satisfy drivers with even the most exacting standards. Diesel trucks, with their unique performance capabilities - to fully appreciate and understand the exceptional benefits of this meticulously crafted powertrain, stop by our dealership to test drive one today!

Ram Country - Your Stop for Diesel Trucks

Committed to the utmost satisfaction of our service area drivers, Ram Country proudly stocks an extensive inventory of Ram trucks to suit a variety of driving styles and price ranges. With exemplary sales staff ready to assist you throughout your purchasing process, from vehicle selection to financing, Ram Country strives to satisfy. Stop by our dealership today to speak with a sales professional about our inventory of diesel Ram 1500 pickup trucks, or give us a call to schedule a test drive of one of these robust, brawny vehicles today!