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Engine Oil- The Life Blood of Your Vehicle

Engine oil helps your car run smoothly and has the biggest impact on your engine life. No matter the age or style of vehicle you have, without engine oil, it would fail. There are two things to remember about oil for your car; it needs to be the right type and it needs to be changed on a regular basis.

There are two types of engine oil, synthetic and conventional. Synthetic oil is made at a laboratory and consists of precisely measured chemicals that act just like conventional oil. Conventional oil is the natural oil that comes from the ground…

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Don't overlook vehicle maintenance!

There is no doubt that purchasing a new vehicle is a huge investment. It is important that all the care and planning that went into picking out that vehicle carries over into maintaining it. Your car's manufacturer sets certain intervals when it is suggested you bring your car in to be serviced. Learning how to take care of your vehicle is crucial in making sure you get the most out of it and it performs at its best.

All of our service technicians are qualified and happy to perform these services for you.

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The Ram Country group is your one-stop shop for Ram truck research

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Buying your next truck can be a big ordeal; whether it's for farm work, for daily driving, for sporting, or for commercial work, you want to make sure that you get the best possible fit for your needs and your lifestyle.

Fortunately, Ram Country has your back.

We're excited to offer new Ram truck research pages detailing overviews, comparisons, spec sheets, trim level descriptions, and performance information for top models like the Ram 1500 half-ton, the 2500 HD, and the 3500 HD.

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Trick? Or treat? Ram reveals the 1500 Rebel TRX concept truck


The #RamRebelTRx is here to raise some hell. #HappyHalloween

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Rumors are swirling: will they--won't they? When's the due date? Is it all just a big tease?

And no--it's not about any big-media family drama. It's something so much better.

It's the unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime Ram Rebel TRX Concept: a 575-horsepower, full-size half-ton pickup truck that's looking to take on the formidable Ford F-150 Raptor, the truck that was once the undisputed king of off-road pickup truck performance.

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Ram trucks are built for the unseen heroes and the unsung warriors

The new Ram truck lineup wasn't built to try to win awards--although it has.

It wasn't built to impress the automotive critics, or be featured on any "top ten must-haves list", or make it big in the spotlight--but it has.

The Ram truck lineup in Mineral Wells, Eagle Pass, and Del Rio was built to be the perfect daily driver, daily worker, and daily family hauler for the hardworking unseen of Texas.

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Why is the Ram 1500 the best choice for hunters and anglers in Texas? We've got three reasons

Actually--as hunters, anglers, bowmen, and outdoorsmen ourselves--we've probably got a thousand reasons to buy a new or used Ram 1500, but we'll try to keep it to just three.

In a Field and Stream article relating the best trucks for deer hunting and camping, the author spoke of why the Ram 1500 Outdoorsman was a particularly great option for hunters:

"A hunter relies on the physiological mechanics of his heart, lungs, and muscles…
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Dodge Says Goodbye to Viper with Five Limited Edition Models

"Nothing lasts forever", "all good things must come to an end", etc. It's never easy to say goodbye, especially to an icon like the Dodge Viper, but earlier this week Dodge issued a press release announcing that the unique and exotic high-performance race car will be sent out in style. With 2017 being the Vipers 25th anniversary and final year of production, Dodge is celebrating with five limited edition models...

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Explore your options for a new Ram 1500 with dozens of possible configurations

So you're looking to buy a new Ram 1500 in Fort Worth, Laughlin Airforce Base, or the greater Val Verde County. You walk into your local Ram Country dealership, point your finger, and bring one home to hit the roads in Mineral Wells, Eagle Pass, or Del Rio. Simple, right?

Not necessarily.

You see, while buying a Ram 1500 full-size truck is a great choice for just about anyone, there are literally dozens of possible configurations for this new model--hundreds, if you count exterior color choices: it's available in Regular, Quad, and Crew Cabs, with Long, Mid, and…

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